Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cycle 2 winner + Important news

These last few months have been for me! I was away for much of august, and when I returned, I realized I only had two weeks left until school, with a bunch of summer homework to complete!When September rolled around school began, and that was hectic on it's own. On top of all that, I became the new owner of Editorialized, and my free time became consumed with dealing with that. Still this is no excuse for these results to be a month late, and I apologize.

Now you may be wondering why none of the sceneries have been judged. The reason is that VianneX3 has decided to leave stardoll, and forfeit the competition. This makes Starsyd3333 the automatic winner! Congratulations Sydney!

Sydney's final task entries:

"I honestly never thought I would make it this far. I've never thought of my self as a model in real life. I've never aspired to be the star of a photo shoot, but this site and this competition have made me think of myself as a model in a way. I've had people who I don't know comment in my guestbook saying that they saw my work in this club and it inspired them. You can't even imagine that feeling unless it has actually happened to you. I mean, to be an inspiration? To know that I have had that sort of impact on someone's life is amazing. Incredible." -Sydney

You are amazingly talented, and I am so proud of you! You were eliminated early on season 1, but you came back for season 2, and never gave up! I guess you could say you were the under dog. So congratulations again, here is what you win:

375 stardollars*
6 weeks superstar*
A feature in Editorialized
An interview with Stardoll Famewhores
A judging position for the next season
and a modeling job for a collection of Lisa Couture!

*Varies by country

Sounds nice? Well prepared for more. I have some exciting news: Miss Top Model and, the all new Editorialized's Next Top Model are becoming one. That's right! All the grad prizes and huge audience Editoralized offers combined with the comfort of the club ModelingWorld. Unfortunatly that means that this blog and MTM jr are no longer. I am going to put all my focus on ENTM to make it the best of the best.

There are some great prizes lined up (all subject to change) like:

-A place in International Movement Models owned by FashionMan.
-Modeling feature in Monster magazine owned by Wooldoor
-Interview and feature on Editorialized owned by liajm
-Modeling feature [and maybe covergirl] of DANG! magazine owned
by MadDrumFairy
-Modeling feature in Luxury Magazine owned by Luxury_Magazine
-Modeling feature in POSH Magazine owned by Chace.Clark

And don't forget the amazing judges! I, along with the fabulous Maggie (findurlove) and MTM season 2 winner Sydney (starsyd3333) will be critiquing the whole time. There will also be some surprise guest judges along the way.

Want to be a part of the ultimate modeling competition?

You can apply in the club here. Or on the blog here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 2 and final task announced!

I would first of all like to thank everyone for their patience. Summer schedules can be just crazy! I can't believe we're already at the finale! But not yet! First someone must be eliminated.

The winner of this task is VianneX3! Your scenery was beautifully crafted and had little to no flaws. Congratulations you are the first person officially in the top 2!

Bottom 2:

liljj123: Many were disappointed with your scenery. This was the second to last task and our expectations have grown! I think you still need to discover that less really can be more.

Starsyd3333: Throughout this competition you have always tried complex poses, even if they do not turn out perfect. An imperfect pose can be very distracting to the rest of your scenery.

Who will complete our top 2?

Starsyd3333: You are safe! You always push yourself to the next level, and that what makes me believe you have what it takes to compete in the finale of this competition. Congratulations you are in the top 2!

liljj123: You are eliminated. I really sad to see you go! You have had some really great sceneries in this competition, and I have seen you grow so much! I hope you go on to become even grater than you are now.

The Final Task

This task will be broken up into 3 parts. 2 sceneries, and one writing task.

Part 1: As standard for the final task, you must create a banner for the blog! As you see Melinda's lovely scenery has decorated this blog for many months! The next season of MTM will be MTM fall! Therefore your scenery should embody the essence of fall. In the comments of your scenery please provide a link to your scenery with the text "Miss top Model Fall" on it. Be creative and have fun!

Part 2: Was there a task in this competition you wish you could redo? Do you wish you came at it from a completely different angle? Now you have the chance! Chose any task from this competition and do it all over again. Try to show to the judges how you have improved in this competition.

Part 3: Make a discussion where you write about your journey throughout this competition, and moreover, why you want to/ deserve to be the winner.

You have until the 17th of August to complete this task. Good luck to you both!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elimination 6 and Task 7

I'm sorry for my lack of comments on the sceneries,but I am on vacation and am really trying to just enjoy my time here and not waste it staring at a screen. (and I'm sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors in this post, I'm using a really funky computer...) The judges have been wonderful though, and to nights decision was unanimus. So without further adue here is the order:

4.SIMS2BABExXx7: You have grown so much through out this competition, and you should be very proud for coming in 4th place! You have a bright future ahead, and I hope you enjoyed your time in this modeling season.

Now its the top 3! It will only get tougher from here.

Task 7

Your task is to create a circus editorial. You will not be assigned roles,but be creatie and think "water for elephants" in magazine form! One of the first tasks I did well in was a circus task-I wa assigned to be the bearded lady! It's been all up hill from there and I hope it will be for you to! As you know, the winner of the cycle becomes a full time judge for the next season-so I want to see how well you are at critiquing peoples sceneries. You, the contestants will be the guest judges for this task! All you have to do is comment on the other 2 sceneries, and tell me who's you liked best. You will have until the 12th to complete your scenery, and you may start commenting any time you like! (Sydney, I know you are going on vacation soon so don't worry if you can't finish judging).

Good luck, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elimination 5 + Task 6!

Well this weeks had it's ups and downs, but we made it through! Unfortunately Blingjane has decided to drop out of the competition, but I am still eliminating one other person!

Here is the list in order from best to wost:

1. Lilljj123: Congratulations! Your first win! You're scenery was carefully planned out, and very well done!
2. VianneX3: Your scenery was so creative! The judges and I saw a few minor flows, but over all it was very stunning!
3. Starsyd3333: Your scenery was nice, but lacking the creativity that we so loved in your last task.
4. Sims2babexXx7: You really tried to do a challenging pose, and I commend you for that! But it was not with out it's flaws. There are some stronger competitors in this competition, and you need to work hard if you want to win.

Eliminated: Miley_Rock_312. Your name has been seen in the bottom far too often. You do seem to take all out advice, but your sceneries are just not stunning! I can see the effort, but unfortunately there are just stronger competitors, and you are the weakest link. I hope you learned things throughout this competition, and most importantly had fun!

So now we have our top 4! Wow that went by fast!

Task 6

For this task yo must portray a Grim Brothers fairytale in your scenery!
You may chose from this list:

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Cinderella

  • Goldilocks And The Three Bears

  • Hansel and Gretel

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • The Three Little Pigs

  • Post in the club discussion which one you will do so that no one chooses the same one. The Guest judge for this task is TBA. You have until the first of July to complete this task. Remember, the judges want to see a combination of posing, atmosphere, creativity and improvement!

    Good luck!

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    MTM Elim 4 + Task 5

    This was a different task than usual, but I was very impressed with the results! Many of you stepped up your game, and for that, the order of the list has changed greatly! 

    1. Starsyd3333: Congratulations! You have received a unanimous vote to be first for this task! We all loved your scenery, and you had a really great combination of atmosphere and posing! Keep up the good work!
    2. Liljj123
    4. blingjane

    Bottom 3:
    SIMS2BABExXx7, you were second last task, and that is why you are safe, for now! Remember not to slack off on your background.

    Miley_Rock_312, I can tell that you are trying very hard, and that you are taking in all of the judges critiques. this is why you are safe!

    This means that prima.princess is eliminated. You just showed a huge lack of improvement, and you did not "wow" the judges. I sorry, but this is the end of the road.


    Task 5
    So you think you can dance?

    This week I really want to see what everyone can do in the pose department, and so this weeks' theme is dance! One of my favorite TV shows is "So you think you can dance" and I really find it inspiring! Your task for this week is be inspired by dace! You can either be inspired by a specific dance routine, like these, ot their "related" videos:

    Or just be inspired by dance in general. If you chose a specific routine, be sure to post a link in the comments and maybe try to incorporate some of last weeks task into the scenery by listening to the music the dance goes to. Also, I know that the background of the videos is a lame stage, but try to have some atmosphere in your scenery!

    But here comes the twist! As a model you may often have to do things on a timed schedule, so this task has to be done as soon as possible, and by the latest, the 16th! You "Client" (aka guest judge) is Linus (Dog_Boy96/.pease.).  If you do not finish your scenery by the time requested they will not be judged by Linus, and therefore you will lost a possible vote to be the task winner. (If you really cannot finish your scenery by the 16th message me).

    Even though you have less time than usual, I hope you will still give it as much effort as you would normally! And just to sum up what the judges are looking for:

    1. A scenery that fits the theme (in this case DANCE)
    2. A post that is flawless, but not too safe!
    3. Good background/atmosphere

    Good luck! If you have questions feel free to ask!

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    MTM Task 4!

    This task has been inspired by a task Rockinellee (our guest judge this task) had in her club RENTM.

    This week's task it to let music guide you. I have chosen two music videos that have beautiful imagery and song lyrics.For your task you must chose one of the videos to be your inspiration for your scenery.

    Skinny Love - Birdy

    This amazing video and song is actually just a cover! I absolutely love the images in this video and the song is beautiful as well. If you use this video as your inspiration try to incorporate both aspects of the video, and the song.

    Love Story - Taylor Swift

    I think almost everyone knows this song! I wanted to have a happy song as the second option, and this song is certainly different than "skinny Love" in so many ways. So when choosing which video to follow, try to see what mood your in. Scenery making should be a form of expression, like all art. If you chose this video there are a couple different ways you can go about it. You can either try to imitate the styling and interpretation in the video, or you can come up with a whole new interpretation of the song!

    This is completely different than anything we've ever done on MTM so if you have question please ask! I don't bite (:

    It is due on the 8th of June.

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    MTM jr May Winner!

    Challenge 2 scores:

    Domdom109: 8
    Avril3666: 18
    Merimonkey: 8
    Erin13224: 12
    Winter4543: 14
    Hunnigal: 12
    Bipasha2: 14

    So here are the final scores for MTM jr May: 
     merimonkey: 20
    Winter4543: 29
    Bipasha2: 25
    Taylor0438: 12
    Erin13224: 23
    Hunnigal: 24
    musicqueenxx2: 9
    domdom109: 25
    Avril3666: 33

    The winner is Avril3666! Congratulations! You win 25 stardollars, a judging position for the next month, and a spot in our MTM jr Party! 

    And the winners of our raffle are....

    StarSyd3333 and Erin13224!

     Congratulations, all the party invites will go out soon!

    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    MTM: Elimination 3!

    At last, I have returned to this competition! I'm so sorry to have abandoned it, but I promise you it will be better than ever, from now on!

    After looking over all the sceneries, and conferring with the judges, our biggest concern is LACK OF IMPROVEMENT. Many of the constant are at the exact same level that they were in task one. This is very disappointing, and really does not motivate me to be active in the competition! If the contestants do not step up their game VianneX3 is going to end up winning EVERY TASK! You don't want that do you?

    So VianneX3 is the unanimous task winner! You stun us every week! I'm so glad you're a part of this competition!

    2. SIMS2BABExXx7
    3. starsyd3333
    4.  Liljj123

    Bottom 4:

    The 4 of you are in the bottom for 1 of 2 reasons. Either you did multiple sceneries with out first talking to me, or  you haven't shown any improvement.So when choosing who is eliminated,  I have to ask myself: which of these errors is worse? To be honest I never really specified anything about changing your scenery, so for this round, I will let it slide. But let it be known from this time one, that once you save your scenery, that is your final entry!  So think before you press save. So Blingjane, and prima.princess are SAVED. 

    This gives us our bottom 2. Each of you have received 2 votes for elimination from our judges (Melinda, Sarah, Paulina, and Maggie). So my vote is the tie breaker.  Miley_Rock_312 you are SAVED. I believe you have potential, so don't let me down! Rosalie_Twiligh, you are ELIMINATED. You have flawless poses, but your don't push yourself! You cannot carry in competitions if you never improve.

    I hope this was a learning experience for you all, and that you can now STEP UP YOUR GAME. The next task will be announced on Tuesday.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    MTM jr Challenge 2!

    This task is unlike anything we have ever done before! You all know about the lovely camera in your suite right? Well your task for this week is to dress up in your favorite outfit, and take a "picture" of it. You may use photo effects if you have any.

    For this task you will be judges on both your outfit, and your "photography" ability.

    To enter, just take a print screen of your photo, and post the link in the comments here, or in the club.

    Due the 27th of May!

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    MTM jr Challenge 1 scores!

     I'm sorry for the delay! We were (again) having judging issues, and MsJessyLove has been replaced by 3mmagg9 (:

    Here are the scores:

    merimonkey: 12
    Winter4543: 15
    Bipasha2: 11
    Taylor0438: 12
    Erin13224: 11
    Hunnigal: 12
    musicqueenxx2: 9
    domdom109: 17
    Avril3666: 15

    domdom109 is this week's winner, and that means that I'll wear her winning entry for a whole day (:

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    MTM jr May Challenge 1!

    So, as I said previously, May is my birthday moth! So I thought it would be appropriate that the first challenge would be to have you dress my doll up (:

    All you have to do is go to my suite, and dress me in what ever you want! The judges will score you, and as a special bonus, the outfit that has the most points will be worn by me for one whole day (:

    Post a link in the comments here or in the club. You have until the 11th.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    MTM elimination 2 + task 3

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed this week. The elimination this week will be a little different than usual as one person was immediately disqualified. This person is sourapple3000. Her scenery was obviously photo-shopped, and this is against the rules. Therefore sourapple3000 is eliminated.

    Now for the list (best to worst):

    1.Viannex3: You are the task winner again! Congratulations, all the judges were so impressed with your scenery!
    2. Starsy333: Your scenery was very stunning, and the pose was much more spot on than last week. There were just some minor imperfections.
    3. Rosalie_Twiligh: your pose was almost flawless, and you definitely captured the feel of sunlight.This was a big step up from last week!
    4. Liljj123: It was very hard to judge your task, as it really did not follow what you were instructed to do. However your pose what quite nice, which is why you are 4th. 
    5.blingjane: you had a very interesting concept, but it got a little lost in the scenery. I'm sorry you were rushed on this scenery. I hope to see something better for the next task.
    6. sims2babe.xXx7: There were many things wrong with you scenery (the dress the legs), but you did follow that task well, and the upper part of your pose was quite nice.
    7. prima.princess: I was totally lost with your scenery. The posing was really off, and the background was too eclectic. Your scenery was SO GOOD last week I really don't know what happened. 
    8. Miley_Rock_312: your scenery was very dull and confusing, and the pose was very amateur. This was such a step down from last week, and I know you can do better. 

    I'd like to give thanks to all the contestants and judges for doing everything without me having to remind them. I'd like to say a special thanks to our guest judge this week Gabby1822 for going beove and beyond the call of duty.

    Task 3

    This weeks task is inspired by the fashion royal wedding!

    Unless you've been living in a cave you must have seen all the fabulous hats that were worn. 

    There were some that were absolutely stunning, so your task this week is to create a print ad for a hat! You have a lot of freedom with this task - so be creative! You ad can be a beauty shot, or something else you chose.

    Have fun with it and keep in mind atmosphere and expression. As always you must post a link in the comments, do it in the club sceneries, and only use your doll. 

    This weeks guest judge is Pauo-Watson! 

    It's due May 9th.

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    MTM jr April Scores !

    This challenge was to dress preppy! Here are the scores out of 20:

    Bipasha2: 11
    sourapple3000: 15
    erin13224: 13
    starsyd3333: 13
    Miley_Rock_312: 13
    merimonkey: 15
    DawnLissyloulou: 10
    juicy-much: 14
    .Bla.Bla.Bla: 6
    xxcaoimhezoexx: 13
    musicqueenxx2: 15
    blingjane: 17

    Now since this was the only challenge we had time for the only thing left to add is the points people received from participating in both challenges last month. So this is the final score board:

    Bipasha2: 11
    sourapple3000: 18
    erin13224: 16
    starsyd3333: 13
    Miley_Rock_312: 13
    merimonkey: 15
    DawnLissyloulou: 10
    juicy-much: 14
    .Bla.Bla.Bla: 6
    xxcaoimhezoexx: 13
    musicqueenxx2: 18
    blingjane: 20

     And the winner is? blingjane!  Congratulations! You are MTM jr April! You will be a judge for next month and receive 25 stardollars! (please contact me about you prize)

    Since there was only 1 challenge this month no one will have points from this month. This means everyone will start off with a clean slate for May! I hope to have 3 challenges in May so be on the lookout!

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    MTM Elination + Task 2

    The season has begun. Some contestants, are shining, while others are simply lacking that "je ne sais quoi".  The judges this week were Me (liajm), Melinda (.naima), Sarah (sary.babyfayce) and Isabelle (emo.punk.emo). We have all put our heads together and come up with an order from best to worst that you belong in.

    1. VianneX3: All of the judges were so impressed with your scenery! Congratulations!
    2. prima.princess: Your scenery was very beautiful. You have definitely got the atmosphere aspect down. 
    3. Liljj123: A delightful scenery!
    4. blingjane: The atmosphere in your scenery was spot on, but the judges were confused by your pose.
    5. sourapple300: This was a really cute scenery, but you need to be more careful with your pose
    6. Starsyd3333: Your scenery was really intriguing, but maybe a little to abstract. Also watch your posing. 
    7. Miley_Rock_312: You had a very unique concept, but there were things in your scenery that didn't flow. Watch the color scheme you set up.

    The Bottom 3:

    bonniew111: The judges were very confused by your scenery and your concept. this is not a good thing.
    Rosalie_Twiligh: Some parts of your pose were really off, and the atmosphere was completely lacking.
    SIMS2BABxExX7: The judges found your scenery to be the dullest. It just had no spark, and it was very safe.

    So who stays, and who goes?
    All four of the judges chose a different person who they wanted to go home. But taking 2nd choices for elimination into account, the person leaving us this week is: bonniew111. I hope you learned something from this experience, and keep trying!

    So that means Rosalie_Twiligh and SIMS2BABxExX7 are safe!

    Congratulations to the top 9!

    Task 2
     The rays of the sun can do so many things. They are capable of making a rainbow or nurturing a flower to bloom. In photography sunlight can be such a powerful element.Use this element in your scenery, to make something beautiful and powerful at the same time. Think about what the sun means and try to convey that in your scenery. Here are some images for inspiration:

    To have a sun and sun rays use the Paris background, because it comes with good items for this task. The same rules as last time apply: only use your doll, make it in the club sceneries, etc...

    Due May 1st

    This weeks guest judge is Gabby1822! Don't let her down (:

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    The official top 10

    Miss top model is a competition where we try to find the best of the best. To be successful in this ompetition you have to have talent passion and creativity. The judges,  (with the exception of maggie/findurlove who is on vaction) Melinda (.naima), Sarah (sary.babyfayce), and I (liajm), have looked for all three of these things when deciding who has what it takes to be in the top 10. Many talented people applied, but the official top 10 of MTM spring are the following:

    1.    starsyd3333
    2.    vianneX3
    3.    prima.princess
    4.    sourapple3000
    5.    Liljj123
    6.    SIMS2BABExXx7
    7.    Rosalie_Twiligh
    8.    Miley_Rock_312
    9.    blingjane
         10. bonniew111

    The first 5 people were selected by all three of the judges, and the last 5 were selected by 2 of the judges. This means that you were all very greatly wanted in this competition! Congratulations. this is the beginning of your journey, read on to discover your first task: 

    Task 1
    Inspiration can come from anywhere, but one of the most powerful forms of inspiration is from nature. Find one thing in nature (a bird, a leaf, the ocean...etc), that inspires you. Take this inspiration and turn it into a scenery.

    When doing your scenery be sure to focus on your pose (mandatory), and the atmosphere. Please only use your doll and make it in the club sceneries. Please change your "expression" according to the emotion and atmosphere you want to convey in your scenery. 

    You MUST print screen BEFORE you save, and include a link in the comments.    

    This weeks guest judge is a previous MTM contestant: Emo.Punk.Emo. In her judging application I was very impressed that she was one of the only people to notice how off the expression was in the sample scenery.

    The task is due the 23rd. If you have questions feel free to ask!

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    New Judge!

    There were many lovely applicants for the position of a new full time judge. Sarah, Melinda and I looked over all the entries, and one stood out amongst the rest. That person is:


    Congratulations! We remembered what a lovely job you did as a guest judge last season, and are so happy to have you as a full time judge! 

    Now if you recall the application was also for guest judge positions! There were several other applications that were also very outstanding, and I will chose some of them to become guest judges! However I am not revealing any names now, so you'll just have to wait to find out! 

    Now let's talk about the contestants for this season. This time we will begin with a top 10 due to out late start. The judges and I are now going through the applications and choosing our favorites, so if you have not applied yet, do so asap! The official top 10 will be announced at the beginning of next week! Good luck!

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    MTM Jr. April Challenge 1

    The theme for this month is Preppy! Think gossip girl!

    Outfits like this should be your inspiration:

    So create a preppy look either with the items you own, or with items in the starplaza, and post a link in the comments of this topic, or the topic int he club!
    Have it in by the 17th.

    Good luck!

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    The Cycle one winner is...

    When I selected the top 12 a few months ago, I had no idea how talented all the contestants would be. They have all had their ups and downs, but two of them have stuck it out util the end and shown that they are the best of the best. These two are Melinda and Sarah. Let's take a look at their journey.

    Modeling experience: "I've participated in several competitons and was one of the finalists most of the time.  

    Why do you want to participate in MTM?: "Judged on the work I've seen so far, I think this competition will be very fierce and I love fierce competitions. They're def more exciting. So I'd love to be a part of it."

    Task 1: 5th out of 12

    Task 2: 4th out of 11

    Task 3: TASK WINNER!
    Task 4: TASK WINNER!
    Task 5: 3rd out of 7

    Task 6: 4th out of 6

    Task 7: 3rd out of 5

    Task 8: 3rd out of 4

    Task 9: 2nd out of 3

    Modeling Experience: "Well, I was featured by you on . But I also won some smaller competitions and am currently a contestant in a modeling cycle.(TopModelAgency)"

    Why do you want to participate in MTM?: "I just love love love doing sceneries. I think that is one of the most important things here on stardoll, to become a real great model. I think I am creative but my work is better, when I am under a bit pressure. So my sceneries become much better if I have to do it for a task.
    I also have seen so many beautiful sceneries made by [liajm](in different clubs) and I would be honoured to be part of the first cycle." 

    Task 1: 8th out of 12

    Task 2: TASK WINNER!

    Task 3: 5th out of 10

    Task 4: 2nd out of 8

    Task 5: TASK WINNER!

    Task 6: Joint task winner!

    Task 7: 2nd out of 5

    Task 8: 2nd out of 4

    Task 9: TASK WINNER

    The final task was divided up into three parts. Two sceneries and a written portion. The first part was to create a new banned for the blog. As you can see I have put them together at the top of the blog with the ultimate question: " Who will win?"  The winner's banner will be the banner for all of cycle 2, and they will also be the face of the agency.

    Along with this the winner will also become a full time judge for the next cycle, will be featured on editorialized, will be interviewed for stardoll famewhores, and will receive a code worth 375 stardollars and 6 weeks superstar!

    So let's see how they did for their final task.

    As previously said, part 1 of the final task is at the top of the blog. Both Mel and I agree that they did a beautiful job on these banners, and they were both oh so creative and spring-like.

    The task for part two was to create a scenery that showed who they were, while having a balance between posing and atmosphere. 

    Part 2: Melinda
    "Sometimes I just don't know who I am and what I want to be...I don't know how my story will end"-Melinda
    Part 2: Sarah
    " In the past I've just been trying so hard to be how I though everyone wanted me...but I realized that this wasn't me and that this all wasn't worth it."-Sarah
    For part three they had to write why they they should be the winner. Here is a little of what they said:
    Melinda: "I learned so much and dared to do so many different things, which helped me develop. I should win, if I inspire you. I can't tell you why, that is something you have to know. My main goal is always to inspire people, that's why I am really into art in real life. I just love to look at a picture and fall into another world. I honestly never thought that this could happen in a virtual world, but it did and does and will happen. If I sucked you into another world while looking at my sceneries then I should be the winner." 
    Sarah: " I though about what I could write and all the things that came to my mind were just totally insignificant. I could say I've put all of my heart in this competition - which I guess all of us did or at least Melinda and me, and of course Zoey, who has been a fierce competition till the end.I could say I've improved my skills, how I work, my creativity just grew with each and every task - but Melinda did as well (if this is even possible)! and the next thought I had: I really don't deserve it. I shouldn't win, but still I hope that I may see things wrong. It would be such an honour for me to win this, but I just would be as happy to see Melinda winning, cause I know I did my best and I've come so far and beaten so many great competitors!" 
    You both have given it your all, but a decision has been made, and one has triumphed over all. Of course I did not come to the decision of the winner on my own. I had help from the most well known stardoll supermodel out there, Mel. This is her official statement regarding the win: "They are both are very impressive! I just think .naima is the winner, and I kind of wanted sary.babyface to win as the underbog, but .naima just did amazingly!" After reading Sarah's 3rd part of the task, it seemed that Sarah had come to the same conclusion, that Melinda deserved to win, and I can't help but agree. 
    You are Miss Top Model!
    A huge congratulations! You will receive all the prizes mentioned above. 
    But wait! We can't turn Sarah away empty handed! 
    Sarah you have also won your self a spot on the Judging panel for the next cycle! 
    I look forward to working with both of you, and I am so sad that this cycle had come to an end. It is hard to imagine finding competitors even more talented than the two of you.

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    MTM jr March Results!

    Here are the scores out for 20 for challenge 2:

    Erin13224: 13
    liljj123: 16
    sourapple3000: 14
    prima.princess: 14
    bonniew111: 13
    GO-GIRL-ROCK: 11
    vanillalime27: 13
    blingjane: 14
    musicqueenxx2: 11

    Unfurtunatly challenge 2 had a lot smaller turnout than challenge 1, but here are the overall scores:

    jelizaveta123: 12
    chan9909: 12
    prima.princess: 32
    bonniew111: 31
    musicqueenxx2: 26
    mursal12345: 6
    sourapple3000: 29
    Khushbu: 13
    Miley_Rock_312: 15
    Avril3666: 9
    Liljj123: 34
    DawnLissyloulou: 13
    blingjane: 31
    trueblueSinger: 4
    karamelenia1988: 16
    Erin13224: 31
    woodslee: 8
    IslandSadly: 13
    GO-GIRL-ROCK: 23
    vanillalime27: 17

    JosephinaA: 2
    xxcaoimhezoexx: 3

    And the winner is?  Liljj123


    You win 25 shiny stardollars, and a judging position for the next month!

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    MTM jr Scores & Challenge 2

    jelizaveta123: 12
    chan9909: 12
    prima.princess: 14
    bonniew111: 18
    musicqueenxx2: 15
    mursal12345: 6
    sourapple3000: 15
    Khushbu: 11
    Miley_Rock_312: 13
    Avril3666: 9
    Liljj123: 18
    DawnLissyloulou: 11
    blingjane: 17
    trueblueSinger: 4
    karamelenia1988: 16
    Erin13224: 15
    woodslee: 8
    IslandSadly: 13
    GO-GIRL-ROCK: 12
    vanillalime27: 16 

    Challenge 2:

    Do a make-up look inspired by spring! 
    Post a link here or in the club topic.

    Due the 27th!

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    MTM Elimination 9 and FINAL TASK

    First of all I'm sure you are all wondering why Zoey didn't submit a scenery. Well she did but she had to personally send it to me because it did not save. So here is is along with her description and the judges comments:
    (click to enlarge) 
    Description: This task was personally one of the most challenging task I've done in my Stardoll life. Notice that my doll is at it's original size. Normally, I'm so accustomed to my doll being increased but I wanted to challenge myself and make sure I can do a wide vary of things. Since this task the last task until the final two are chosen, I wanted to think this one through. I've noticed that my best work is when my doll has nothing covering her but an item. I don't really know why that is but I come out on top whenever I do a "nude" shoot. I used my backup doll for this because I'm still having issues with my original doll being one-colored. Okay so the story behind this is that, my doll and her friends had a bet. The bet was that whoever loses, has to stand by a pole and pose with nothing but their accessories. Obviously my doll lost and she posed. I hope you like my scenery.

    Maggie's comments: I think this was a bit poorly done, but to analyze, lets take it step by step. First the background, the use of many clouds make the whole scenery feel messy, and in addition to the already dark green trees, the contrast in colors makes it a bit hard for me to enjoy the mood you are trying to give out. The pose, I think you have done the pose with skill and delicacy, however, the hand on top seems to just stick there, I dont think its fits into the whole scenery to begin with. The medoll, this by far has to be the thing that disappointed me the most, the use of the black fur made it very unclassical, and in contrast to what you did made me feel like it took away the essence of having to pose naked. In addition, I didn't really like the face the model was given, I wished you had mixed and matched other facial features to make the medoll more... alluring.

    Lia's comments: To be honest I found this scenery to be a disappointment. From reading your description it seems like you over thought this instead of just going with the flow. The reason you come out on top when you do a nude shoot is because it's very challenging, but for this particular scenery I don't think it works, it comes of a little slutty... And what is going on with the background? clouds on the ground? And I agree with Maggie that the green of the trees doesn't make it flow very well. I'm sorry for all this negativity, but the only thing I like is the pose, it matches the picture perfectly.

     Now on to the Group photo. Well most of you have probably seen the spoiler, but what you haven't seen is all the 3 sceneries before they were put together.

    Melinda's original shot:

    Sarah's original:

    Zoey's original:

    Now how did this mess become this?
    Well I specifically said NOT to make the medoll bigger than the original size. However when Melinda asked, I did tell her she could make her doll a little bit bigger, as it is hard to pose when your doll is small. That turned out to be a mistake because even the small difference between Sarah and Melinda's poses were too much, so I had to make Melinda's pose a little smaller...and that's why it seems like there are glitches in the final copy. Now on to zoey's pose....this really caused me grief. Following directions is SO important! So where did the rest of zoeys legs magically appear from? They're Melinda's legs! can you tell? Well there that, and I also added some different shoes. 

    Anyways, the judges were looking for the model that stood out the most. 

    Here's what Maggie said: The model that I see stands out the most has to be Melinda because of her quirky yet definitely fashionable, I loved the use of the colors she did use and mixed the striped top with the glittery skirt, it amazes me how she ended up doing such a creative pose and certainly did something others wouldn't do because of its complexity. 

    What Lia said: I agree with Maggie.  Melinda your personality shines though everything you do, and that makes so unique and creative. I don't know if you've ever seen Adele's music video for Rolling in the Deep, but this pose reminds me of this person from that video:
    The outfit along with the sword thing is similar.
    Now just some constructive criticism for the other two:
    -Zoey: please read all directions carefully! I don't know what you were planing to do with the legs, and who knows maybe it would have been something amazing!
    -Sarah: your torso looks very strange here, and your waist is too thin. Besides that I really like the pose, especially the hands on the hips.

    I just want to say how impressed I am that this flows so smoothly. All the angels even line up! Zoey's elbow is parallel to the angle of Melinda's skirt, and her knee fits right in the angle of Sarah's arm! Really amazing!

     So, now on to the elimination.
    Order best to worst taking both parts of the task into consideration.

    1. Melinda - Congratulations! You are in the top 2!
    2. Sarah - You definitely steeped up your game and showed the judges you deserve to be in the top 2! I love watching you grow in this competition, and it shall be exciting to see where the last task takes you.
    3. Zoey - I'm shocked to find myself telling you that you are ELIMINATED. Your work this week was really a disappointment. I think you're trying to push your self too hard. You are an amazing poser, but at some point you need to just let it flow, do what feels right, not what is more challenging. I don't know if you saw my post on editorialized, but it was all about atmosphere. The background can be just as important as the pose, and that is something that you often lack. The atmosphere of your scenery this round was just all off. I hope you can understand what I am saying, and will take this constructive criticism, and go on to great places in stardoll modeling. I really enjoyed having you in the competition.

    The Final Task
    The last task was 2 parts, this one has 3 parts. 

    Part 1: 
    The winner of MTM winter will become the face of MTM spring, and that means you will be the model on the banner for the next season. So I would like each of you to create a scenery & and save it. Then I would like you to add the title "Miss Top Model Spring" and post the finished copy in the comments. The scenery should be spring themed, flowers and stuff...but otherwise you have complete freedom. 

    Part 2:
    As you read in my comments to Zoey, atmosphere is very important. I want each of you to create a scenery that shows us who you are, and while doing this keep a balance between posing and atmosphere (to avoid confusion I do want a complex pose, but just don't get carried away). Again you have a lot of freedom with this, but I just want you to be comfortable so you can let your creativity flow freely. 

    Part 3:
    Create a discussion topic in the club (title with your name) the explains your journey throughout the competition and why you think you should be the winner. 

    I would give you more time for this...but I'm on a time crunch. I'm going to PARIS (ahhh!!) over spring break and will not have internet access. I leave on the 18th, so you need to be done with this task before the 16th, so that I can announce the winner before I leave. I hope there is no problem with this due date, please contact me asap if you have any questions.            

    I'm excited to have Mel as our guest judge, and I hope you are too!

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    MTM task 9 spoiler

    Well as you may have heard the first part of task 9 was that each of the 3 contestants would do a pose and I would put them all together and make them black and white. I have done this, and now at first I wasn't going to show everyone the result until the elimination , but I have decided to post it as a spoiler:

     from left to right: Zoey, Melinda, Sarah

    What do you think? Who's post do you like the best? Who are you rooting for to win?

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    MTM jr March Challenge 1

    Spring is in the air.
    This first challenge is to create an outfit completely out of plants and flowers.
    How? Well the best way to do that is in a scenery. Use a theme that already has a lot of flowers in it so you don't have to worry about buying them your self.
    We're looking for couture looks.

    Post a link to your outfit in the comments of this post or in the club topic.
    you have until the 14th.

    Good luck, and remember anyone can enter!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    MTM jr February scores & Winner!

    Here are the scores for MTM jr challenge 2 (out of 20 points):

    JosephinaA: 11
    khushbu: 13
    Musicqueenxx2: 11
    prima.princess:  20 (A perfect score!)
    Miley_Rock_312:  8
    DawnlLissyloulou: 9
    Erin13224: 13
    vanillalime27: 16
    xxcaoimhezoexx: 16
    Liljj123: 13
    Pauo-Watson: 19
    sourapple3000: 16
    bonniew111: 11

    And here are the total scores for the month:

    Sary.Babyface: 16
    Miley_Rock_312: 21
    Vanillalime27: 35
    Erin13224: 29
    IrishLily09: 12
    Sourapple3000: 33
    DawnLissyloulou: 19
    Pauo-Watson: 40
    Liljj123: 27
    Xxcaoimhezoexx: 29
    JosephinaA: 22
    Musicqueenxx2: 11
    SIMS2BABExXx7: 13
    Princesspea105: 14
    Prima.princess: 37
    Khushbu: 21
    alexotsiaki: 13
    bonniew111: 13
    Iovanca: 2

    And the winner with a total of 40 points is Pauo-Watson


    You win 25 stardollars (contact me)
    And a judging position for the next month!

    And as always of the people who participated in both challenges 10% of your score will be carried on to the next moth, so here is the beginning scoreboard for March:
    JosephinaA: 2
    khushbu: 2
    prima.princess:  4
    Miley_Rock_312: 2
    DawnlLissyloulou: 2
    Erin13224: 3
    vanillalime27: 4
    xxcaoimhezoexx: 3

    Liljj123: 3

    sourapple3000: 3

    MTM jr March will begin soon!

    MTM Elimination 8 and Task 9

    Wow, wow, wow. You all continue to impress me. I have never seen this lever of talent competing against each other in a modeling competition since, well...ever! But a decision has been made, and a contestant is being sent home.

    Best to worst:

    Zoey: I think you, and your posing ability has grown immensely  throughout this competition, and now I am at the point where I am wondering if there is nothing you can't do.

    Melinda: You are another posing genius! The tilt in your scenery was just so flawless. Let me tell you I attempted to do a tilt like you do, and I was not very happy with the results. So major kudos to you!

    Sarah: I was worried that you would not be able to pull of the pose, but you did flawlessly! Just work on making you the center of attention, and maybe pay a little more attention to the fashion aspect of the scenery.

    Elle: Unfortunately you will be going home tonight. You had a brilliant scenery last week, but you need to bring it like that every time. The pose was not as identical to the graphic as many of the others were, and although it was an amazing scenery, it was just a tad below the level of the others. We are all sorry to see you go, and we wish you luck on future competitions!

    Task 9

    As you guessed the guest judge for this task is Maggie (Findurlove)! She is very well known in dollywood, and owns the ever fabulous VanityModels. 

    Since we are now down to the top 3 (Ahhh!!), This task will be a two part task. 

    Part 1:
    I have assigned each of you an editorial. I would like each of you to copy the pose as closely as possible, and to take inspiration from the rest of it. 

    Remember to show motion though hair and clothing, and be creative with where you are (the setting of the scene).

    This shot reminded me of your under water scenery with the dolphin, and so I'd really like to see what  you can do with it.

    I'm sure by now you know I'm a huge fan of the body tilt. I know both Melinda and Zoey can do it, but can you? Take this as a challenge. And please note that obviously you will not be able to turn the head, and I totally understand that. 

    Part 2

    This part in inspired by a task I saw on ANTM. In the task the models all do a photo shoot together, and when the photo was presented the judges had to say who captured their attention first. 

    Obviously we can't all do a photo together, so I'd like each of you to do a pose on a BLACK background, with no other objects. Please do not save this scenery, as I do not want people to see the separate poses. Instead simply send me a link of your pose and I will put all 3 of them together. 

    *please no lying down, or "horizontal" poses
    *Keep you medoll close to the "original" size so that one Person is not vastly larger than the other

    Things to keep in mind:
    *You want to stand out as a model (i.e. facial expression is important)
    *I will be putting this photo into black & white so bright colors will not help you
    *It will be on a back background, so don't blend into it by wearing dark shades

    I think I have covered it all (:
    Send me your pose for the group photo by the 5th
    And have your editorial sceneries done by the 8th

    I am very excited to see what you come up with!

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    MTM Task 8

    Just Like Graphics!

    I can't speak for any of you, but I know for sure that my sceneries have often been mistaken for graphics. This is a HUGE competent. When doing graphics there are so many fewer limits than there are when making sceneries. Pose can be more complex much more easily. However you four are all VERY accomplished posers. So I am putting you to the test: can you make you scenery look just like a graphic? 

    I am assigning each of you a graphic to emulate:

    For this graphic please do not change your look.
    You may rotate the pose so that it fits better in the scenery.  


    For this graphic you do not have to have your arm across the body, because that makes it 10x more difficult.

    For this graphic you do not have to be on your stomach if you find that difficult to do.

    As far as the backgrounds and the outfits go, they do not have to be like the graphic. But please do not have absolutely plain backgrounds.

    Due the 27th

    and remember the guest judge is Alice (: