Sunday, February 20, 2011

MTM Task 8

Just Like Graphics!

I can't speak for any of you, but I know for sure that my sceneries have often been mistaken for graphics. This is a HUGE competent. When doing graphics there are so many fewer limits than there are when making sceneries. Pose can be more complex much more easily. However you four are all VERY accomplished posers. So I am putting you to the test: can you make you scenery look just like a graphic? 

I am assigning each of you a graphic to emulate:

For this graphic please do not change your look.
You may rotate the pose so that it fits better in the scenery.  


For this graphic you do not have to have your arm across the body, because that makes it 10x more difficult.

For this graphic you do not have to be on your stomach if you find that difficult to do.

As far as the backgrounds and the outfits go, they do not have to be like the graphic. But please do not have absolutely plain backgrounds.

Due the 27th

and remember the guest judge is Alice (:


  1. how about the hair do we have to make us look like the model?

  2. only copy the pose, nothing else (:

  3. Once again, thanks for having me as a guest judge!