Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MTM Elination + Task 2

The season has begun. Some contestants, are shining, while others are simply lacking that "je ne sais quoi".  The judges this week were Me (liajm), Melinda (.naima), Sarah (sary.babyfayce) and Isabelle (emo.punk.emo). We have all put our heads together and come up with an order from best to worst that you belong in.

1. VianneX3: All of the judges were so impressed with your scenery! Congratulations!
2. prima.princess: Your scenery was very beautiful. You have definitely got the atmosphere aspect down. 
3. Liljj123: A delightful scenery!
4. blingjane: The atmosphere in your scenery was spot on, but the judges were confused by your pose.
5. sourapple300: This was a really cute scenery, but you need to be more careful with your pose
6. Starsyd3333: Your scenery was really intriguing, but maybe a little to abstract. Also watch your posing. 
7. Miley_Rock_312: You had a very unique concept, but there were things in your scenery that didn't flow. Watch the color scheme you set up.

The Bottom 3:

bonniew111: The judges were very confused by your scenery and your concept. this is not a good thing.
Rosalie_Twiligh: Some parts of your pose were really off, and the atmosphere was completely lacking.
SIMS2BABxExX7: The judges found your scenery to be the dullest. It just had no spark, and it was very safe.

So who stays, and who goes?
All four of the judges chose a different person who they wanted to go home. But taking 2nd choices for elimination into account, the person leaving us this week is: bonniew111. I hope you learned something from this experience, and keep trying!

So that means Rosalie_Twiligh and SIMS2BABxExX7 are safe!

Congratulations to the top 9!

Task 2
 The rays of the sun can do so many things. They are capable of making a rainbow or nurturing a flower to bloom. In photography sunlight can be such a powerful element.Use this element in your scenery, to make something beautiful and powerful at the same time. Think about what the sun means and try to convey that in your scenery. Here are some images for inspiration:

To have a sun and sun rays use the Paris background, because it comes with good items for this task. The same rules as last time apply: only use your doll, make it in the club sceneries, etc...

Due May 1st

This weeks guest judge is Gabby1822! Don't let her down (:

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