Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MTM Task 4!

This task has been inspired by a task Rockinellee (our guest judge this task) had in her club RENTM.

This week's task it to let music guide you. I have chosen two music videos that have beautiful imagery and song lyrics.For your task you must chose one of the videos to be your inspiration for your scenery.

Skinny Love - Birdy

This amazing video and song is actually just a cover! I absolutely love the images in this video and the song is beautiful as well. If you use this video as your inspiration try to incorporate both aspects of the video, and the song.

Love Story - Taylor Swift

I think almost everyone knows this song! I wanted to have a happy song as the second option, and this song is certainly different than "skinny Love" in so many ways. So when choosing which video to follow, try to see what mood your in. Scenery making should be a form of expression, like all art. If you chose this video there are a couple different ways you can go about it. You can either try to imitate the styling and interpretation in the video, or you can come up with a whole new interpretation of the song!

This is completely different than anything we've ever done on MTM so if you have question please ask! I don't bite (:

It is due on the 8th of June.

Monday, May 30, 2011

MTM jr May Winner!

Challenge 2 scores:

Domdom109: 8
Avril3666: 18
Merimonkey: 8
Erin13224: 12
Winter4543: 14
Hunnigal: 12
Bipasha2: 14

So here are the final scores for MTM jr May: 
 merimonkey: 20
Winter4543: 29
Bipasha2: 25
Taylor0438: 12
Erin13224: 23
Hunnigal: 24
musicqueenxx2: 9
domdom109: 25
Avril3666: 33

The winner is Avril3666! Congratulations! You win 25 stardollars, a judging position for the next month, and a spot in our MTM jr Party! 

And the winners of our raffle are....

StarSyd3333 and Erin13224!

 Congratulations, all the party invites will go out soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

MTM: Elimination 3!

At last, I have returned to this competition! I'm so sorry to have abandoned it, but I promise you it will be better than ever, from now on!

After looking over all the sceneries, and conferring with the judges, our biggest concern is LACK OF IMPROVEMENT. Many of the constant are at the exact same level that they were in task one. This is very disappointing, and really does not motivate me to be active in the competition! If the contestants do not step up their game VianneX3 is going to end up winning EVERY TASK! You don't want that do you?

So VianneX3 is the unanimous task winner! You stun us every week! I'm so glad you're a part of this competition!

3. starsyd3333
4.  Liljj123

Bottom 4:

The 4 of you are in the bottom for 1 of 2 reasons. Either you did multiple sceneries with out first talking to me, or  you haven't shown any improvement.So when choosing who is eliminated,  I have to ask myself: which of these errors is worse? To be honest I never really specified anything about changing your scenery, so for this round, I will let it slide. But let it be known from this time one, that once you save your scenery, that is your final entry!  So think before you press save. So Blingjane, and prima.princess are SAVED. 

This gives us our bottom 2. Each of you have received 2 votes for elimination from our judges (Melinda, Sarah, Paulina, and Maggie). So my vote is the tie breaker.  Miley_Rock_312 you are SAVED. I believe you have potential, so don't let me down! Rosalie_Twiligh, you are ELIMINATED. You have flawless poses, but your don't push yourself! You cannot carry in competitions if you never improve.

I hope this was a learning experience for you all, and that you can now STEP UP YOUR GAME. The next task will be announced on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MTM jr Challenge 2!

This task is unlike anything we have ever done before! You all know about the lovely camera in your suite right? Well your task for this week is to dress up in your favorite outfit, and take a "picture" of it. You may use photo effects if you have any.

For this task you will be judges on both your outfit, and your "photography" ability.

To enter, just take a print screen of your photo, and post the link in the comments here, or in the club.

Due the 27th of May!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

MTM jr Challenge 1 scores!

 I'm sorry for the delay! We were (again) having judging issues, and MsJessyLove has been replaced by 3mmagg9 (:

Here are the scores:

merimonkey: 12
Winter4543: 15
Bipasha2: 11
Taylor0438: 12
Erin13224: 11
Hunnigal: 12
musicqueenxx2: 9
domdom109: 17
Avril3666: 15

domdom109 is this week's winner, and that means that I'll wear her winning entry for a whole day (:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MTM jr May Challenge 1!

So, as I said previously, May is my birthday moth! So I thought it would be appropriate that the first challenge would be to have you dress my doll up (:

All you have to do is go to my suite, and dress me in what ever you want! The judges will score you, and as a special bonus, the outfit that has the most points will be worn by me for one whole day (:

Post a link in the comments here or in the club. You have until the 11th.

Monday, May 2, 2011

MTM elimination 2 + task 3

I have to say I was a bit disappointed this week. The elimination this week will be a little different than usual as one person was immediately disqualified. This person is sourapple3000. Her scenery was obviously photo-shopped, and this is against the rules. Therefore sourapple3000 is eliminated.

Now for the list (best to worst):

1.Viannex3: You are the task winner again! Congratulations, all the judges were so impressed with your scenery!
2. Starsy333: Your scenery was very stunning, and the pose was much more spot on than last week. There were just some minor imperfections.
3. Rosalie_Twiligh: your pose was almost flawless, and you definitely captured the feel of sunlight.This was a big step up from last week!
4. Liljj123: It was very hard to judge your task, as it really did not follow what you were instructed to do. However your pose what quite nice, which is why you are 4th. 
5.blingjane: you had a very interesting concept, but it got a little lost in the scenery. I'm sorry you were rushed on this scenery. I hope to see something better for the next task.
6. sims2babe.xXx7: There were many things wrong with you scenery (the dress the legs), but you did follow that task well, and the upper part of your pose was quite nice.
7. prima.princess: I was totally lost with your scenery. The posing was really off, and the background was too eclectic. Your scenery was SO GOOD last week I really don't know what happened. 
8. Miley_Rock_312: your scenery was very dull and confusing, and the pose was very amateur. This was such a step down from last week, and I know you can do better. 

I'd like to give thanks to all the contestants and judges for doing everything without me having to remind them. I'd like to say a special thanks to our guest judge this week Gabby1822 for going beove and beyond the call of duty.

Task 3

This weeks task is inspired by the fashion royal wedding!

Unless you've been living in a cave you must have seen all the fabulous hats that were worn. 

There were some that were absolutely stunning, so your task this week is to create a print ad for a hat! You have a lot of freedom with this task - so be creative! You ad can be a beauty shot, or something else you chose.

Have fun with it and keep in mind atmosphere and expression. As always you must post a link in the comments, do it in the club sceneries, and only use your doll. 

This weeks guest judge is Pauo-Watson! 

It's due May 9th.