Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MTM Elimination 9 and FINAL TASK

First of all I'm sure you are all wondering why Zoey didn't submit a scenery. Well she did but she had to personally send it to me because it did not save. So here is is along with her description and the judges comments:
(click to enlarge) 
Description: This task was personally one of the most challenging task I've done in my Stardoll life. Notice that my doll is at it's original size. Normally, I'm so accustomed to my doll being increased but I wanted to challenge myself and make sure I can do a wide vary of things. Since this task the last task until the final two are chosen, I wanted to think this one through. I've noticed that my best work is when my doll has nothing covering her but an item. I don't really know why that is but I come out on top whenever I do a "nude" shoot. I used my backup doll for this because I'm still having issues with my original doll being one-colored. Okay so the story behind this is that, my doll and her friends had a bet. The bet was that whoever loses, has to stand by a pole and pose with nothing but their accessories. Obviously my doll lost and she posed. I hope you like my scenery.

Maggie's comments: I think this was a bit poorly done, but to analyze, lets take it step by step. First the background, the use of many clouds make the whole scenery feel messy, and in addition to the already dark green trees, the contrast in colors makes it a bit hard for me to enjoy the mood you are trying to give out. The pose, I think you have done the pose with skill and delicacy, however, the hand on top seems to just stick there, I dont think its fits into the whole scenery to begin with. The medoll, this by far has to be the thing that disappointed me the most, the use of the black fur made it very unclassical, and in contrast to what you did made me feel like it took away the essence of having to pose naked. In addition, I didn't really like the face the model was given, I wished you had mixed and matched other facial features to make the medoll more... alluring.

Lia's comments: To be honest I found this scenery to be a disappointment. From reading your description it seems like you over thought this instead of just going with the flow. The reason you come out on top when you do a nude shoot is because it's very challenging, but for this particular scenery I don't think it works, it comes of a little slutty... And what is going on with the background? clouds on the ground? And I agree with Maggie that the green of the trees doesn't make it flow very well. I'm sorry for all this negativity, but the only thing I like is the pose, it matches the picture perfectly.

 Now on to the Group photo. Well most of you have probably seen the spoiler, but what you haven't seen is all the 3 sceneries before they were put together.

Melinda's original shot:

Sarah's original:

Zoey's original:

Now how did this mess become this?
Well I specifically said NOT to make the medoll bigger than the original size. However when Melinda asked, I did tell her she could make her doll a little bit bigger, as it is hard to pose when your doll is small. That turned out to be a mistake because even the small difference between Sarah and Melinda's poses were too much, so I had to make Melinda's pose a little smaller...and that's why it seems like there are glitches in the final copy. Now on to zoey's pose....this really caused me grief. Following directions is SO important! So where did the rest of zoeys legs magically appear from? They're Melinda's legs! can you tell? Well there that, and I also added some different shoes. 

Anyways, the judges were looking for the model that stood out the most. 

Here's what Maggie said: The model that I see stands out the most has to be Melinda because of her quirky yet definitely fashionable, I loved the use of the colors she did use and mixed the striped top with the glittery skirt, it amazes me how she ended up doing such a creative pose and certainly did something others wouldn't do because of its complexity. 

What Lia said: I agree with Maggie.  Melinda your personality shines though everything you do, and that makes so unique and creative. I don't know if you've ever seen Adele's music video for Rolling in the Deep, but this pose reminds me of this person from that video:
The outfit along with the sword thing is similar.
Now just some constructive criticism for the other two:
-Zoey: please read all directions carefully! I don't know what you were planing to do with the legs, and who knows maybe it would have been something amazing!
-Sarah: your torso looks very strange here, and your waist is too thin. Besides that I really like the pose, especially the hands on the hips.

I just want to say how impressed I am that this flows so smoothly. All the angels even line up! Zoey's elbow is parallel to the angle of Melinda's skirt, and her knee fits right in the angle of Sarah's arm! Really amazing!

 So, now on to the elimination.
Order best to worst taking both parts of the task into consideration.

1. Melinda - Congratulations! You are in the top 2!
2. Sarah - You definitely steeped up your game and showed the judges you deserve to be in the top 2! I love watching you grow in this competition, and it shall be exciting to see where the last task takes you.
3. Zoey - I'm shocked to find myself telling you that you are ELIMINATED. Your work this week was really a disappointment. I think you're trying to push your self too hard. You are an amazing poser, but at some point you need to just let it flow, do what feels right, not what is more challenging. I don't know if you saw my post on editorialized, but it was all about atmosphere. The background can be just as important as the pose, and that is something that you often lack. The atmosphere of your scenery this round was just all off. I hope you can understand what I am saying, and will take this constructive criticism, and go on to great places in stardoll modeling. I really enjoyed having you in the competition.

The Final Task
The last task was 2 parts, this one has 3 parts. 

Part 1: 
The winner of MTM winter will become the face of MTM spring, and that means you will be the model on the banner for the next season. So I would like each of you to create a scenery & and save it. Then I would like you to add the title "Miss Top Model Spring" and post the finished copy in the comments. The scenery should be spring themed, flowers and stuff...but otherwise you have complete freedom. 

Part 2:
As you read in my comments to Zoey, atmosphere is very important. I want each of you to create a scenery that shows us who you are, and while doing this keep a balance between posing and atmosphere (to avoid confusion I do want a complex pose, but just don't get carried away). Again you have a lot of freedom with this, but I just want you to be comfortable so you can let your creativity flow freely. 

Part 3:
Create a discussion topic in the club (title with your name) the explains your journey throughout the competition and why you think you should be the winner. 

I would give you more time for this...but I'm on a time crunch. I'm going to PARIS (ahhh!!) over spring break and will not have internet access. I leave on the 18th, so you need to be done with this task before the 16th, so that I can announce the winner before I leave. I hope there is no problem with this due date, please contact me asap if you have any questions.            

I'm excited to have Mel as our guest judge, and I hope you are too!


  1. I haven't really noticed that Zoey's legs were originally mine. But I thought that they looked a bit awkward and not quite right. Now it makes sense :D. I know the video of 'Rolling in the Deep' and I see the similarities, though I haven't thought of it while doing the task, maybe it was my subconscious mind :P.
    Anyways, I am so excited and can't wait to think of something :). Thanks for putting me first! This task really meant a lot to me.

  2. Well you've got a fashionable subconscious :D