Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 2 and final task announced!

I would first of all like to thank everyone for their patience. Summer schedules can be just crazy! I can't believe we're already at the finale! But not yet! First someone must be eliminated.

The winner of this task is VianneX3! Your scenery was beautifully crafted and had little to no flaws. Congratulations you are the first person officially in the top 2!

Bottom 2:

liljj123: Many were disappointed with your scenery. This was the second to last task and our expectations have grown! I think you still need to discover that less really can be more.

Starsyd3333: Throughout this competition you have always tried complex poses, even if they do not turn out perfect. An imperfect pose can be very distracting to the rest of your scenery.

Who will complete our top 2?

Starsyd3333: You are safe! You always push yourself to the next level, and that what makes me believe you have what it takes to compete in the finale of this competition. Congratulations you are in the top 2!

liljj123: You are eliminated. I really sad to see you go! You have had some really great sceneries in this competition, and I have seen you grow so much! I hope you go on to become even grater than you are now.

The Final Task

This task will be broken up into 3 parts. 2 sceneries, and one writing task.

Part 1: As standard for the final task, you must create a banner for the blog! As you see Melinda's lovely scenery has decorated this blog for many months! The next season of MTM will be MTM fall! Therefore your scenery should embody the essence of fall. In the comments of your scenery please provide a link to your scenery with the text "Miss top Model Fall" on it. Be creative and have fun!

Part 2: Was there a task in this competition you wish you could redo? Do you wish you came at it from a completely different angle? Now you have the chance! Chose any task from this competition and do it all over again. Try to show to the judges how you have improved in this competition.

Part 3: Make a discussion where you write about your journey throughout this competition, and moreover, why you want to/ deserve to be the winner.

You have until the 17th of August to complete this task. Good luck to you both!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elimination 6 and Task 7

I'm sorry for my lack of comments on the sceneries,but I am on vacation and am really trying to just enjoy my time here and not waste it staring at a screen. (and I'm sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors in this post, I'm using a really funky computer...) The judges have been wonderful though, and to nights decision was unanimus. So without further adue here is the order:

4.SIMS2BABExXx7: You have grown so much through out this competition, and you should be very proud for coming in 4th place! You have a bright future ahead, and I hope you enjoyed your time in this modeling season.

Now its the top 3! It will only get tougher from here.

Task 7

Your task is to create a circus editorial. You will not be assigned roles,but be creatie and think "water for elephants" in magazine form! One of the first tasks I did well in was a circus task-I wa assigned to be the bearded lady! It's been all up hill from there and I hope it will be for you to! As you know, the winner of the cycle becomes a full time judge for the next season-so I want to see how well you are at critiquing peoples sceneries. You, the contestants will be the guest judges for this task! All you have to do is comment on the other 2 sceneries, and tell me who's you liked best. You will have until the 12th to complete your scenery, and you may start commenting any time you like! (Sydney, I know you are going on vacation soon so don't worry if you can't finish judging).

Good luck, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!