Sunday, January 30, 2011

MTM jr January Results!

Here are the scores for challenge 2 out of 15 points total:

jelizaveta123: 15 (perfect score!)
alexotsiaki: 10
mizprincessE101: 4
Princesspea105: 13
Miley_Rock_312: 11
vanillalime27: 10
sourapple3000: 13
Pauo-Watson: 12
MissClaire1994x: 12
bonniew111: 9
RockinEllee:15 (another perfect score!)
Liljj123: 11
Sary.Babyfayce: 12
Erin13224: 12
starsyd3333: 10
xxevie23xx: 3
Avril3666: 12
Iovanca: 13

And here is the total score board for January:

Pauo-Watson: 26
glasses.ugly: 7
MissClaire1994x: 25
RockinEllee: 29
Liljj123: 23
sourapple3000: 28
LillyRose246: 15
starsyd3333: 25
bonniew111: 21
vanillalime27: 22
alexotsiaki: 23
Erin13224: 24
DawnLissyloulou: 6
Miley_Rock_312: 14
Sary.Babyfayce: 25
musicqueenxx2: 12
khushbu: 7
Iovanca: 24
AnnGurl: 8
Princesspea105: 27
Srjackson: 3
xxcaoimhezoexx: 4
zebra91045 : 3
mizprincessE101: 4
jelizaveta123: 15
xxevie23xx: 3

Well it was a really close win this month, but the winner, one point short of a perfect score is Rockinellee!!!

you will receive 25 sd
and you will be a judge for the next month!

For all the people who participated in both challenges, you will get approximately 10% of your score as a starting score for MTM jr February!

So right now the score board for February is:
Pauo-Watson: 3
Liljj123: 2
starsyd3333: 3
bonniew111: 2
vanillalime27: 2
alexotsiaki: 2
Erin13224: 2
Sary.Babyfayce: 3
Iovanca: 2
Princesspea105: 3

Everyone did really great and I can't wait to start MTM jr February.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elimination 4 & Task 5

1. Sarah (2 judges voted best)
2. Melinda (1 judge voted the best) 
3. Zoey
4. Isabelle 
5. Elle (one judge voted best, 2 voted worst)
6. Paulina
7. Julie
Eliminated: Emily (3 judges voted the worst)
I'm sorry Emily, but this is your second week in the bottom 3, and every one is just so so so talented. You should be very happy to have made it this far, and I hope you continue to participate in modeling competitions.

Task 5

This task there will be a guest judge and a guest model!
The guest judge for this task is .Pease.
The guest model can be any male celeb you chose. 

What does guest model mean? It means you must pose with this model.
This theme for your scenery is very open. You can either copy a picture you find, or come up with something on your own. My only advice is use the extra person to your advantage, make their pose complement you. 
You have until the 30th. Good luck!

Monday, January 17, 2011

MTM jr Challenge 2

Well as you may recall the theme of this month is celebrities! So this weeks task is to create make-up inspired by a celebrity. You can do it in your medoll editor or the store. Post a tinypic of your entry (with the inspiration) either here or in the club! If you did make-up for the last task you can resubmit that entry (:

It's due the 24th. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MTM task 4

As Zoey guessed our guest judge is Blair (itgonnarain)! Blair is the owner of the amazing SNTM.XX which I believe many of you are either competing in now, or have competed in before. Blair is also a judge in the legendary competition MelsModels.

This task was, in a sense, inspired by Blair. Many of her outfits are a stylish black and white, and this reminded me of black and white photography!

So your task this week it to make a scenery inspired by a black and white photograph or movie, such a breakfast at tiffany's:

Once you have made your scenery take your print screen and turn it black and white! Like this:

If you do not have a photo editor then use an online one such as

Black and white photography can really be beautiful, so use this to your advantage!  
Good luck! It's due on the 23rd.

Friday, January 14, 2011

MTM jr January Challenge 1 results!

Some people did fantastic (Including 2 people who had perfect scores!), While others did just okay. Over all I felt that a lot of 12s were given.

Here are the scores (out of 15):

Pauo-Watson –14
glasses.ugly -7
MissClaire1994x -13
RockinEllee -14
Liljj123 -9
sourapple3000 –15 (first ever perfect score!)
LillyRose246 -12
starsyd3333 -12
bonniew111 -12
vanillalime27 -12
alexotsiaki -13
KeiraPaige -12
Erin13224 -12
DawnLissyloulou -6
Miley_Rock_312 -3
Sary.Babyfayce -13
musicqueenxx2 -12
khushbu -7
Iovanca -11
SIMS2BABExXx7 –15 (another perfect score! Congrats!)
AnnGurl -8
Princesspea105 -14
Srjackson -3
xxcaoimhezoexx –4

Will you be MTM jr January?
The next challenge will be posted on the 16th!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MTM elimination 3

I have seriously changed this list so many times. I had an original list, but then the judges told me their favorite and least favorite, and I changed the list. Then I looked back at the sceneries and changed the list again. I finally came to a decision of the order of the top 7 and here it is:

2. Zoey
3. Isabelle
4. Elle
5. Melinda
6. Julie
7. Paulina

If you do not know the contestants by name go to the recently updated "Get to know the MTM contestants" page, to get to know them (: A HUGE congratulations to the top 7 on this task all your sceneries were so amazing!

But now our bottom 3:

Emily: For this being your first official next top model competition you have done outstanding! You placed 2nd in the first challenge, but this is your second week in the bottom 3. Will you be going home?

JosieMae: This is also your second time in the bottom 3, but you were in 3rd place last week! In the long run inconstancy in never good.

Vanessa: This is your first time in the bottom 3, but you've only been mid way on the chart. With so many other talented people you need to stun the judges every week.

The judges (Me, Sierra and Kylie) each chose one person we think should be eliminated, how ever we each chose a different person. This is why I looked at things overall...

Emily: some one who has been in second place should not be going home so soon! You are safe this round, bring your A game next time though, you're on shaky ground!

Since this task has taken two weeks instead of one I have decided to make this a double elimination. I am sorry, but JosieMae and Vanessa, you will be leaving us tonight. You are both so talented, but this is a very fierce competition. I hope you have learned something valuable form your time in this competition and go on to do amazing things!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MTM jr. January Challenge 1

Last months theme was winter and the holidays, but what is this months theme.
January, January, January...
I feel no specific ties for the moth so I decided to have a random theme.
This months theme is Celebrities.
They're ever where, and you either love them, or hate them.

This weeks challenge is to create an outfit inspired by a celebrity. If they're an actor/actress then it can also be inspired by the character they play.

It would be helpful if you had a tinypic of the image you used for inpiration.
As for your outfit, you can create it where ever you like (starplazza, suite, scenery, etc...) Just post a tinypic or tell us that you are wearing it.

However if you're wearing it you must keep it on till the 12th.

You have until the 11th to enter (:
And remember anyone can enter! You will be judges by me, MsJessyLove and .Naima. Each judge will give a score out of 5. 
Good luck!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MTM Task 3

It's hard to believe we're already on task 3! And what is this weeks task you ask? It's a commercial! But not just any commercial. It's a commercial for waterproof make-up! Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret for this task...

I have a slight obsession for underwater sceneries (anyone who reads editorialized would know this...). So, underwater + water proof make-up = commerical = Lia being overjoyed!

However you do not have do an underwater scenery. There are many other ways of portraying water proof make-up (:

This will be a print ad, so no need for a script. Just make sure you write in the comments what your ideas were.

It is due on the 9th! And I'd just like to thank everyone for getting their sceneries in so promptly (: I know I don't give much time....

Any questions? 

Monday, January 3, 2011

MTM Elimination 2

There were some absolutely amazing sceneries this week, and to be honest it was hard to chose anyone to send home. But the decision has been made, and one person will be leaving the competition.

Best to worst:

1. .Naima
2. Rockinellee
3. JosieMae8445
4. Sary.Babyface
5. Emo.Punk.Emo
6. Pauo-Watson
7. Brumilicious
8. winter4543
9. zebra91045

I'm sorry starsyd3333, you are eliminated. You are very talented, so keep participating in modeling competition to get even better! I enjoyed having you as a contestant, and I hope you enjoyed your time here.

And then there were 10.
Your next task will be announced tomorrow!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

MTM jr December Winner!

The votes have been totaled. If someone got a perfect score every round they would have gotten a total score of 45. No one did this, but one person got close with a total of 39 points, and that person is:

Congratulations! You are out first MTM jr EVER! 
You will receive 25 sd (contact me) 
and a judging position for MTM jr January!

But wait? What about everyone else? Was their hard work for nothing?
For the people who participated in all three challenges, you will receive about 10% of you score towards next months score! This means you have a head start on everyone else (:
So KeiraPaige, Starsyd3333, avril3666, zebra91045, lilyrose246, and liljj123 all have a score of 3 on the scoreboard and the first challenge of MTM jr dec has not even begun!

What else can I say but, happy new year everyone!

MTM jr December challenge 3 results!

The first MTM jr. ever has come to a close. Many competed, but only 1 will win. But before we tally up the votes, let's see how everyone did on the last challenge (out if 15pts):