Sunday, February 20, 2011

MTM Task 8

Just Like Graphics!

I can't speak for any of you, but I know for sure that my sceneries have often been mistaken for graphics. This is a HUGE competent. When doing graphics there are so many fewer limits than there are when making sceneries. Pose can be more complex much more easily. However you four are all VERY accomplished posers. So I am putting you to the test: can you make you scenery look just like a graphic? 

I am assigning each of you a graphic to emulate:

For this graphic please do not change your look.
You may rotate the pose so that it fits better in the scenery.  


For this graphic you do not have to have your arm across the body, because that makes it 10x more difficult.

For this graphic you do not have to be on your stomach if you find that difficult to do.

As far as the backgrounds and the outfits go, they do not have to be like the graphic. But please do not have absolutely plain backgrounds.

Due the 27th

and remember the guest judge is Alice (:

Friday, February 18, 2011

MTM jr Challenge 2

The last task was fashion, and this task is make-up!

But it's a little different than usual. 
For this challenge, you must try to do one of the following looks.
When you do your look, post a tinypic in the comments in the club, or here on the blog. And then state the number of the look you were going for. You have until the 25th! Good luck!

 On the left: look 1 On the right: look 2
 look 3
 look 4

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MTM Elimination 7

Well well well! This was a very exciting week indeed! I really liked have you guys judge, you all know what it takes to make a scenery, and having actually done the task I think you're the best judges possible! It's also a really good test run because of course the winner of this contest will become a judge for the next cycle.

So the votes are in and the overwhelming winner is Elle!
Congratulations! You were warned that you had to bring it this week, and you did!

the rest from best to worst:

2. Melinda-your creativity never fails to impress me.

3. Sarah-I saw yours and Melinda's conversation and I agree to some extent with what she is saying. You are not in the top 4, and the competition is FEIRCE. Pushing your self to new levels is circuital. But don't lose yourself in the process, as always the overall effect of the scenery is the most important.

4. Zoey-don't get consumed in a complex pose. While pushing yourself to new levels is very important, there is a level where more is too much! Sometimes more can be less, and especially with stardoll's limit it's important to save items for later. 

5. Isabelle-along with having your scenery in one day late, it just was not up to the same level as the other girls. I'm sorry but you are ELIMINATED. You are a very creative and talented girl, and it was a pleasure having you in this competition!

Wow the top 4!
The competition will be even tougher now. You have all won a task in the past, but who will be the ultimate winner?
The next task will be revealed soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MTM jr. Feb Challenge 1 scores!

Out of 20 points:

Sary.Babyface: 13
Miley_Rock_312: 13
Vanillalime27: 17
Erin13224: 14
IrishLily09: 12
Sourapple3000: 14
DawnLissyloulou: 10
Pauo-Watson: 18
Liljj123: 12
Xxcaoimhezoexx: 13
JosephinaA: 11
Princesspea105: 11
Prima.princess: 17
Khushbu: would be 16, but too closely resembled the above entry so will receive a half score of 8
alexotsiaki: 11 

Congratulations to you all, and a HUGE thanks to our judges: MsJessyLove, itgonnarain, Rockinellee, and 3mmag9!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elimination 6 and Task 7

This week's task was all about reflections,
now let's reflect on it:

We have an unusual circumstance this round. Only me and Deckoonti judged this week, and there was a tie! One judge voted for Melinda as first place and Zoey as second, and the other voted Zoey as first and Melinda as second! So this means that Melinda and Zoey are BOTH TASK WINNERS! congratulations!

the rest best to worst:

3. Isabelle
4. Sarah
5. Elle -watch out! you're in the bottom two again! If you are in this to win this you REALLY need to bring it next task.
6. Paulina - I'm sorry but you are ELIMINATED. You've been close to the bottom for a while now, and you were unable to wow the judges. We are very sad to see you go because you have such stunning features and you really are talented. So keep up the work and be sure to compete in many competitions-I'm sure you'll go far!

Task 7
~Drifting Away~

For this task there is only one rule: you cannot touch the ground. This means flying, floating in this air, jumping, or sitting in the clouds. Have fun with this - and as always: be creative!

And the guest judge? All of you! That's right you will be judging each others sceneries this week. You must write a comment to the other 4 contestants critiquing their scenery. Once you have done that send me who you think did best and worst -you may chose yourself. 
due on the 15th!

Friday, February 4, 2011

MTM jr. Feb Challenge 1

In case you didn't know the new judges for MTM jr are:

and MissClaire1994x

BUT MissClaire1994x is unable to judge for this month so I have selected (out of the judging applicants) a new judge for this month only. And that person is:

3mmag9! Congrats!

This means the score will be out of 20.

The theme of February is valentines day, and LOVE!
Your first challenge is to create an outfit you would wear on a date. But wait! There's a catch. You must at least one item from the pretty in pink heart shop.

You have until the 11th to submit your entry. Please post a link in the comments here or in the club's topic.

God luck everyone, and have a happy valentines day (although it's over a week away...)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the MTM jr Judges are...

Many amazing people applied to be a judge for MTM jr, but only two were chosen.

But before we get to that let's take time to appreciate out current full time judge MsJessyLove! Jessica is running for CG today and could really use your vote! She is a great judge, so go take two seconds and vote!

So now down to business. Both me a MsJessyLove looked though the applicants and while looking the two main things we had in mind were that we wanted some one with experience, and some one who was reliable.

The first new full time judge that I will announce is: MissClaire1994x
your experience impressed us, and we are sure you'll be a great addition to the team!

And the other new full time judge is: Itgonnarain
You were are guest judge for MTM, and you were always on top of your job. I know that I can count on you!

If you were not chosen as a judge, you can still participate, and I'm sure that other opportunities to become a judge will arise.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MTM elimination 5 and Task 6!

Well first of all I'd just like to start off telling you that from now on a link to the unglitched scenery is REQUIRED. Stardoll is very unpredictable these days a a scenery that does not have glitches one day, may the next!

Order from best to worst:

1. .naima (3 judges voted best!)
2. xoxo_zoey (1 judge voted best)
3. sary.babyfayce
4. Emo.Punk.Emo

Bottom 3:

Pauo_Watson: You're scenery was very lovely, and could have been really great if it wasn't for the item limit! BUT the instructions specifically said the guest model had to be MALE. Following directions is a key part of the modeling industry. None the less your scenery was still wonderful so you are SAFE.

So now it's between Rockinellee and Brumilicious.

Elle: All for of the judges thought your scenery was the weakest of the bunch for this week. You are normally very close to the top, what happened?

Julie: You also had a female model....and you've been close to the bottom of the list from the beginning. I've been telling you that you need to step up your game and WOW the judges for some time now, and you just haven't done it.

Elle: Based on this weeks task you would be eliminated, however I judge this competition as a whole, and you have certainly done fantastic work in the past. I believe you deserve another chance, and so you are SAFE.

Julie: I'm sorry but you are ELIMINATED. I truly believe you are talented, but you just need to find what's lacking in your sceneries that fails to stun the judges. I'm sure our paths will cross again, and I hope you learned something from this competition.

Task 6 
mirror mirror on the I seeing double?

Thats right, this week's task is inspired by reflections. 
You must somewhere in the scenery have a refection of your self.
There are many different ways to go about this.
The clasic one is MelsModels winner babbettecouture's scenery:
A simple, yet beautiful reflection though a mirror.
But you can also be creative with this. Think of someone looking in the mirror and seeing something else. The person they want to be? The person they think they are? You decide. 
Also reflections are not always into mirrors.... 
Be creative! Your guest judge is countrygurl102.
she is the owner of JuniorModels, the first modeling competition I ever took part in!

It is due the 6th! Good luck to the top 6!