Monday, May 30, 2011

MTM jr May Winner!

Challenge 2 scores:

Domdom109: 8
Avril3666: 18
Merimonkey: 8
Erin13224: 12
Winter4543: 14
Hunnigal: 12
Bipasha2: 14

So here are the final scores for MTM jr May: 
 merimonkey: 20
Winter4543: 29
Bipasha2: 25
Taylor0438: 12
Erin13224: 23
Hunnigal: 24
musicqueenxx2: 9
domdom109: 25
Avril3666: 33

The winner is Avril3666! Congratulations! You win 25 stardollars, a judging position for the next month, and a spot in our MTM jr Party! 

And the winners of our raffle are....

StarSyd3333 and Erin13224!

 Congratulations, all the party invites will go out soon!

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