Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cycle one winner is...

When I selected the top 12 a few months ago, I had no idea how talented all the contestants would be. They have all had their ups and downs, but two of them have stuck it out util the end and shown that they are the best of the best. These two are Melinda and Sarah. Let's take a look at their journey.

Modeling experience: "I've participated in several competitons and was one of the finalists most of the time.  

Why do you want to participate in MTM?: "Judged on the work I've seen so far, I think this competition will be very fierce and I love fierce competitions. They're def more exciting. So I'd love to be a part of it."

Task 1: 5th out of 12

Task 2: 4th out of 11

Task 5: 3rd out of 7

Task 6: 4th out of 6

Task 7: 3rd out of 5

Task 8: 3rd out of 4

Task 9: 2nd out of 3

Modeling Experience: "Well, I was featured by you on . But I also won some smaller competitions and am currently a contestant in a modeling cycle.(TopModelAgency)"

Why do you want to participate in MTM?: "I just love love love doing sceneries. I think that is one of the most important things here on stardoll, to become a real great model. I think I am creative but my work is better, when I am under a bit pressure. So my sceneries become much better if I have to do it for a task.
I also have seen so many beautiful sceneries made by [liajm](in different clubs) and I would be honoured to be part of the first cycle." 

Task 1: 8th out of 12


Task 3: 5th out of 10

Task 4: 2nd out of 8


Task 6: Joint task winner!

Task 7: 2nd out of 5

Task 8: 2nd out of 4


The final task was divided up into three parts. Two sceneries and a written portion. The first part was to create a new banned for the blog. As you can see I have put them together at the top of the blog with the ultimate question: " Who will win?"  The winner's banner will be the banner for all of cycle 2, and they will also be the face of the agency.

Along with this the winner will also become a full time judge for the next cycle, will be featured on editorialized, will be interviewed for stardoll famewhores, and will receive a code worth 375 stardollars and 6 weeks superstar!

So let's see how they did for their final task.

As previously said, part 1 of the final task is at the top of the blog. Both Mel and I agree that they did a beautiful job on these banners, and they were both oh so creative and spring-like.

The task for part two was to create a scenery that showed who they were, while having a balance between posing and atmosphere. 

Part 2: Melinda
"Sometimes I just don't know who I am and what I want to be...I don't know how my story will end"-Melinda
Part 2: Sarah
" In the past I've just been trying so hard to be how I though everyone wanted me...but I realized that this wasn't me and that this all wasn't worth it."-Sarah
For part three they had to write why they they should be the winner. Here is a little of what they said:
Melinda: "I learned so much and dared to do so many different things, which helped me develop. I should win, if I inspire you. I can't tell you why, that is something you have to know. My main goal is always to inspire people, that's why I am really into art in real life. I just love to look at a picture and fall into another world. I honestly never thought that this could happen in a virtual world, but it did and does and will happen. If I sucked you into another world while looking at my sceneries then I should be the winner." 
Sarah: " I though about what I could write and all the things that came to my mind were just totally insignificant. I could say I've put all of my heart in this competition - which I guess all of us did or at least Melinda and me, and of course Zoey, who has been a fierce competition till the end.I could say I've improved my skills, how I work, my creativity just grew with each and every task - but Melinda did as well (if this is even possible)! and the next thought I had: I really don't deserve it. I shouldn't win, but still I hope that I may see things wrong. It would be such an honour for me to win this, but I just would be as happy to see Melinda winning, cause I know I did my best and I've come so far and beaten so many great competitors!" 
You both have given it your all, but a decision has been made, and one has triumphed over all. Of course I did not come to the decision of the winner on my own. I had help from the most well known stardoll supermodel out there, Mel. This is her official statement regarding the win: "They are both are very impressive! I just think .naima is the winner, and I kind of wanted sary.babyface to win as the underbog, but .naima just did amazingly!" After reading Sarah's 3rd part of the task, it seemed that Sarah had come to the same conclusion, that Melinda deserved to win, and I can't help but agree. 
You are Miss Top Model!
A huge congratulations! You will receive all the prizes mentioned above. 
But wait! We can't turn Sarah away empty handed! 
Sarah you have also won your self a spot on the Judging panel for the next cycle! 
I look forward to working with both of you, and I am so sad that this cycle had come to an end. It is hard to imagine finding competitors even more talented than the two of you.


  1. Congrats, all of ur scenerys are amazing!!!!

  2. :) Thank you sooooo much Lia and Mel! Congrats to you Sarah! This competition was so amazing. I gained so much experience during the past weeks, and you can't imagine how sad I am, because it is ending here. I just loved every single task. You really are soooo creative Lia! I am really looking forward to working with you Lia and Sarah in the future and I am sure that we will have a lot of fun and find some amazing talents. Ahhhhh ;D I need a glas of milk, I think :D.

  3. them sceneries are the best i have ever seen on sardoll well done. :]

    xxcaoimhezoexx - stardoll name