Sunday, March 6, 2011

MTM task 9 spoiler

Well as you may have heard the first part of task 9 was that each of the 3 contestants would do a pose and I would put them all together and make them black and white. I have done this, and now at first I wasn't going to show everyone the result until the elimination , but I have decided to post it as a spoiler:

 from left to right: Zoey, Melinda, Sarah

What do you think? Who's post do you like the best? Who are you rooting for to win?


  1. Ouhlala... I am in love with it! Thanks for the spoiler Lia! I think we really work great together, though we didn't know what the others would do. I am excited to see what the viewers think! [:

  2. Wow Very Nice =)

  3. I love this!
    It's really hard to decide which one is my favorite :O Great job!

    I'm not really big fan of Zoey's legs,but I love the outfit!Melinda's pose looks complicated,that's why I love it,even there are a lot of glitches.Sarah's pose is amazing :P I love it!The dress looks kinda weird - maybe too long,I mean the waist is too long.Ehm.Melinda's pose is my favourite

  4. @Mihaela: you have a good eye for things! I have interesting stories about Zoey's legs, and Melinda's "glitches"...So stay tuned (:

  5. Hmmmm! It's very hard to pick a favourite. I love all three of them! Photo looks amazing!

  6. They are all so very talented! It is a great bottom 3! I check out all of the task sceneries for MTM and I am really impressed! They just take my breath away! With the level of difficulty the poses are, they really make them their own so amazingly! Hahaaha good luck all three of you!!! Oh, and my favorite? Pfffttt they're all too good to choose ONE!!! :) :) :)