Monday, May 2, 2011

MTM elimination 2 + task 3

I have to say I was a bit disappointed this week. The elimination this week will be a little different than usual as one person was immediately disqualified. This person is sourapple3000. Her scenery was obviously photo-shopped, and this is against the rules. Therefore sourapple3000 is eliminated.

Now for the list (best to worst):

1.Viannex3: You are the task winner again! Congratulations, all the judges were so impressed with your scenery!
2. Starsy333: Your scenery was very stunning, and the pose was much more spot on than last week. There were just some minor imperfections.
3. Rosalie_Twiligh: your pose was almost flawless, and you definitely captured the feel of sunlight.This was a big step up from last week!
4. Liljj123: It was very hard to judge your task, as it really did not follow what you were instructed to do. However your pose what quite nice, which is why you are 4th. 
5.blingjane: you had a very interesting concept, but it got a little lost in the scenery. I'm sorry you were rushed on this scenery. I hope to see something better for the next task.
6. sims2babe.xXx7: There were many things wrong with you scenery (the dress the legs), but you did follow that task well, and the upper part of your pose was quite nice.
7. prima.princess: I was totally lost with your scenery. The posing was really off, and the background was too eclectic. Your scenery was SO GOOD last week I really don't know what happened. 
8. Miley_Rock_312: your scenery was very dull and confusing, and the pose was very amateur. This was such a step down from last week, and I know you can do better. 

I'd like to give thanks to all the contestants and judges for doing everything without me having to remind them. I'd like to say a special thanks to our guest judge this week Gabby1822 for going beove and beyond the call of duty.

Task 3

This weeks task is inspired by the fashion royal wedding!

Unless you've been living in a cave you must have seen all the fabulous hats that were worn. 

There were some that were absolutely stunning, so your task this week is to create a print ad for a hat! You have a lot of freedom with this task - so be creative! You ad can be a beauty shot, or something else you chose.

Have fun with it and keep in mind atmosphere and expression. As always you must post a link in the comments, do it in the club sceneries, and only use your doll. 

This weeks guest judge is Pauo-Watson! 

It's due May 9th.

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