Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MTM Elimination 8 and Task 9

Wow, wow, wow. You all continue to impress me. I have never seen this lever of talent competing against each other in a modeling competition since, well...ever! But a decision has been made, and a contestant is being sent home.

Best to worst:

Zoey: I think you, and your posing ability has grown immensely  throughout this competition, and now I am at the point where I am wondering if there is nothing you can't do.

Melinda: You are another posing genius! The tilt in your scenery was just so flawless. Let me tell you I attempted to do a tilt like you do, and I was not very happy with the results. So major kudos to you!

Sarah: I was worried that you would not be able to pull of the pose, but you did flawlessly! Just work on making you the center of attention, and maybe pay a little more attention to the fashion aspect of the scenery.

Elle: Unfortunately you will be going home tonight. You had a brilliant scenery last week, but you need to bring it like that every time. The pose was not as identical to the graphic as many of the others were, and although it was an amazing scenery, it was just a tad below the level of the others. We are all sorry to see you go, and we wish you luck on future competitions!

Task 9

As you guessed the guest judge for this task is Maggie (Findurlove)! She is very well known in dollywood, and owns the ever fabulous VanityModels. 

Since we are now down to the top 3 (Ahhh!!), This task will be a two part task. 

Part 1:
I have assigned each of you an editorial. I would like each of you to copy the pose as closely as possible, and to take inspiration from the rest of it. 

Remember to show motion though hair and clothing, and be creative with where you are (the setting of the scene).

This shot reminded me of your under water scenery with the dolphin, and so I'd really like to see what  you can do with it.

I'm sure by now you know I'm a huge fan of the body tilt. I know both Melinda and Zoey can do it, but can you? Take this as a challenge. And please note that obviously you will not be able to turn the head, and I totally understand that. 

Part 2

This part in inspired by a task I saw on ANTM. In the task the models all do a photo shoot together, and when the photo was presented the judges had to say who captured their attention first. 

Obviously we can't all do a photo together, so I'd like each of you to do a pose on a BLACK background, with no other objects. Please do not save this scenery, as I do not want people to see the separate poses. Instead simply send me a link of your pose and I will put all 3 of them together. 

*please no lying down, or "horizontal" poses
*Keep you medoll close to the "original" size so that one Person is not vastly larger than the other

Things to keep in mind:
*You want to stand out as a model (i.e. facial expression is important)
*I will be putting this photo into black & white so bright colors will not help you
*It will be on a back background, so don't blend into it by wearing dark shades

I think I have covered it all (:
Send me your pose for the group photo by the 5th
And have your editorial sceneries done by the 8th

I am very excited to see what you come up with!

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