Sunday, May 29, 2011

MTM: Elimination 3!

At last, I have returned to this competition! I'm so sorry to have abandoned it, but I promise you it will be better than ever, from now on!

After looking over all the sceneries, and conferring with the judges, our biggest concern is LACK OF IMPROVEMENT. Many of the constant are at the exact same level that they were in task one. This is very disappointing, and really does not motivate me to be active in the competition! If the contestants do not step up their game VianneX3 is going to end up winning EVERY TASK! You don't want that do you?

So VianneX3 is the unanimous task winner! You stun us every week! I'm so glad you're a part of this competition!

3. starsyd3333
4.  Liljj123

Bottom 4:

The 4 of you are in the bottom for 1 of 2 reasons. Either you did multiple sceneries with out first talking to me, or  you haven't shown any improvement.So when choosing who is eliminated,  I have to ask myself: which of these errors is worse? To be honest I never really specified anything about changing your scenery, so for this round, I will let it slide. But let it be known from this time one, that once you save your scenery, that is your final entry!  So think before you press save. So Blingjane, and prima.princess are SAVED. 

This gives us our bottom 2. Each of you have received 2 votes for elimination from our judges (Melinda, Sarah, Paulina, and Maggie). So my vote is the tie breaker.  Miley_Rock_312 you are SAVED. I believe you have potential, so don't let me down! Rosalie_Twiligh, you are ELIMINATED. You have flawless poses, but your don't push yourself! You cannot carry in competitions if you never improve.

I hope this was a learning experience for you all, and that you can now STEP UP YOUR GAME. The next task will be announced on Tuesday.

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