Thursday, January 6, 2011

MTM jr. January Challenge 1

Last months theme was winter and the holidays, but what is this months theme.
January, January, January...
I feel no specific ties for the moth so I decided to have a random theme.
This months theme is Celebrities.
They're ever where, and you either love them, or hate them.

This weeks challenge is to create an outfit inspired by a celebrity. If they're an actor/actress then it can also be inspired by the character they play.

It would be helpful if you had a tinypic of the image you used for inpiration.
As for your outfit, you can create it where ever you like (starplazza, suite, scenery, etc...) Just post a tinypic or tell us that you are wearing it.

However if you're wearing it you must keep it on till the 12th.

You have until the 11th to enter (:
And remember anyone can enter! You will be judges by me, MsJessyLove and .Naima. Each judge will give a score out of 5. 
Good luck!


  1. Heres mine!!Its inspired by Cheryl Cole! Hope ya Lyke!!

  2. here is it

    i was inspired by this picture:

    and here is the link to my outfit


    i'm inspired by the well known outfits of lady gaga but to make them i decided to keep a part of my own style, my hair :D
    i fon't have a refference picture but you can find them on google just searching for lady gaga ;)

  4. Hey :D
    Here's my entry :D


    xxcaoimhezoexx (sd name )

  6. AnnGurl

    I did Taylor Swift

    Here is the stardoll look:

    Here is the real look that taylor Swift is wearing:

    I forgot to put the bag on my medoll that Taylor Swift has.

  7. I actually did three entries. I hope that's okay. Maybe you could pick the best one for my final entry? I got really into this challenge, haha.

    Khloe Kardashian Inspired:

    Jessica Alba Inspired:

    Rachel Bilson Inspired:

    Thank you, and my SD username is Princesspea105

  8. Hello!I couldn't put the link and stuff on stardoll so I decided to post it here.Im sorry about the hair not looking the same so I decided to add a lollipop accesorie if thats ok.I dressed up as Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.