Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elimination 4 & Task 5

1. Sarah (2 judges voted best)
2. Melinda (1 judge voted the best) 
3. Zoey
4. Isabelle 
5. Elle (one judge voted best, 2 voted worst)
6. Paulina
7. Julie
Eliminated: Emily (3 judges voted the worst)
I'm sorry Emily, but this is your second week in the bottom 3, and every one is just so so so talented. You should be very happy to have made it this far, and I hope you continue to participate in modeling competitions.

Task 5

This task there will be a guest judge and a guest model!
The guest judge for this task is .Pease.
The guest model can be any male celeb you chose. 

What does guest model mean? It means you must pose with this model.
This theme for your scenery is very open. You can either copy a picture you find, or come up with something on your own. My only advice is use the extra person to your advantage, make their pose complement you. 
You have until the 30th. Good luck!


  1. Oh wow! I never thought that I would be 2. :]. thank you so much guys! AH and sarah is the first one in history who wins twice in a row wohouw ;D!
    I love the new task! I am sure we will see amazing results again.

  2. Thanks for posting all the sceneries! They look great :)

  3. ♥ Thank you so much, Melinda. (Just realized that we haven't talked in ages - sad but true! :[ )

    I'm like so speechless. Can't believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much! It's just simply wonderful to see that someone likes my work and it encourage me to give my best or even improve myself with each and every task. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It's an honour! ♥ :)

  4. i love all of them but i love sarah and zoe's the most ♥ you are all soo talented!