Thursday, January 13, 2011

MTM elimination 3

I have seriously changed this list so many times. I had an original list, but then the judges told me their favorite and least favorite, and I changed the list. Then I looked back at the sceneries and changed the list again. I finally came to a decision of the order of the top 7 and here it is:

2. Zoey
3. Isabelle
4. Elle
5. Melinda
6. Julie
7. Paulina

If you do not know the contestants by name go to the recently updated "Get to know the MTM contestants" page, to get to know them (: A HUGE congratulations to the top 7 on this task all your sceneries were so amazing!

But now our bottom 3:

Emily: For this being your first official next top model competition you have done outstanding! You placed 2nd in the first challenge, but this is your second week in the bottom 3. Will you be going home?

JosieMae: This is also your second time in the bottom 3, but you were in 3rd place last week! In the long run inconstancy in never good.

Vanessa: This is your first time in the bottom 3, but you've only been mid way on the chart. With so many other talented people you need to stun the judges every week.

The judges (Me, Sierra and Kylie) each chose one person we think should be eliminated, how ever we each chose a different person. This is why I looked at things overall...

Emily: some one who has been in second place should not be going home so soon! You are safe this round, bring your A game next time though, you're on shaky ground!

Since this task has taken two weeks instead of one I have decided to make this a double elimination. I am sorry, but JosieMae and Vanessa, you will be leaving us tonight. You are both so talented, but this is a very fierce competition. I hope you have learned something valuable form your time in this competition and go on to do amazing things!

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  1. wow, I can totally understand why this was a difficult decision. there were so many great entries! anyways, congrats to sarah you really deserve it! :]