Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MTM Elimination 7

Well well well! This was a very exciting week indeed! I really liked have you guys judge, you all know what it takes to make a scenery, and having actually done the task I think you're the best judges possible! It's also a really good test run because of course the winner of this contest will become a judge for the next cycle.

So the votes are in and the overwhelming winner is Elle!
Congratulations! You were warned that you had to bring it this week, and you did!

the rest from best to worst:

2. Melinda-your creativity never fails to impress me.

3. Sarah-I saw yours and Melinda's conversation and I agree to some extent with what she is saying. You are not in the top 4, and the competition is FEIRCE. Pushing your self to new levels is circuital. But don't lose yourself in the process, as always the overall effect of the scenery is the most important.

4. Zoey-don't get consumed in a complex pose. While pushing yourself to new levels is very important, there is a level where more is too much! Sometimes more can be less, and especially with stardoll's limit it's important to save items for later. 

5. Isabelle-along with having your scenery in one day late, it just was not up to the same level as the other girls. I'm sorry but you are ELIMINATED. You are a very creative and talented girl, and it was a pleasure having you in this competition!

Wow the top 4!
The competition will be even tougher now. You have all won a task in the past, but who will be the ultimate winner?
The next task will be revealed soon.

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