Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elimination 6 and Task 7

This week's task was all about reflections,
now let's reflect on it:

We have an unusual circumstance this round. Only me and Deckoonti judged this week, and there was a tie! One judge voted for Melinda as first place and Zoey as second, and the other voted Zoey as first and Melinda as second! So this means that Melinda and Zoey are BOTH TASK WINNERS! congratulations!

the rest best to worst:

3. Isabelle
4. Sarah
5. Elle -watch out! you're in the bottom two again! If you are in this to win this you REALLY need to bring it next task.
6. Paulina - I'm sorry but you are ELIMINATED. You've been close to the bottom for a while now, and you were unable to wow the judges. We are very sad to see you go because you have such stunning features and you really are talented. So keep up the work and be sure to compete in many competitions-I'm sure you'll go far!

Task 7
~Drifting Away~

For this task there is only one rule: you cannot touch the ground. This means flying, floating in this air, jumping, or sitting in the clouds. Have fun with this - and as always: be creative!

And the guest judge? All of you! That's right you will be judging each others sceneries this week. You must write a comment to the other 4 contestants critiquing their scenery. Once you have done that send me who you think did best and worst -you may chose yourself. 
due on the 15th!

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  1. Oh wow, I thouhgt that zoey would win, because her scenery was just amazingBut now that we both won... it is just ah-mazing! :]

    I love motion shoots, so I will take the chance and try to wow the other girls ;D. Good luck everyone!