Sunday, December 19, 2010

MTM Task 1

 As you may have noticed we're a little ahead of schedule...
Task one was not supposed to be announced until winter solstice, but being 2 day early means you have 2 extra days to complete the task! And who doesn't like more time (: 

Your task:
Create a scenery inspired by your favorite model.

My suggestion for this task is to google your models name and then editorial. This will help you find a great pose for this task, and yes a pose is REQUIRED. 

Please do not change any major features (skin, eyes...). The point of this task is not be inspired by your favorite model, not to be your favorite model. 

In the comments state why this model is your favorite, and just a little bit about your scenery. Also please print screen before you save so that you'll have an image to show that does not contain glitches (:

Contestants are allowed to chose the same model, but NOT the same pose. So check out what other people have made before you make yours. As you can see above the task is due on the 26th. Good luck to you all, the judges and I look forward to seeing your entries!


  1. Good luck everyone! Can't wait to judge. (-:

  2. I am confused. You said not to be inspired by the model and not to be the model. What are we supposed to be???

  3. Inspiration and being are 2 different things.

    I want you to find a pose done by your favorite model and copy that pose, but don't change your skin tone to "be" that model. Be you inspired by that model. I hope that makes sense.

  4. Ahhh! I get it! Thankyou [:

  5. does it have to be editorial? Or any?

  6. no it does not have to be an editorial. I just said to search that because you more likely to find good poses if you search that. Other wise you'll just end up with head shoots and stuff.