Monday, December 27, 2010

MTM Elimination 1

Well, this is always the worst part of the competition, the elimination. But of course to have a winner, the competition must slowly but surly be brought down to 1.

This weeks task was to create a scenery inspired by your favorite model. some of you did beautifully, where as others strayed from the task.

Let's see how you did (in order from best to worst)

Xoxo_Zoey: You are the task winner! Your scenery was stunning and your pose was flawless. However, like Kylie said, maybe a different hair style would have been more suited.

Zebra91045: Your scenery was lovely. The pose was accurate, and all the colors were well blended. But maybe you could have taken more of a risk, your scenery feels too safe to me.

Rockinellee: Your scenery was the most high fashion of all of them, and your pose was excellent. Just add some more items in the background next time, it was a little plain.

Emo.Punk.Emo: You did one of the most complex poses, and it turned out really well! Just pay attention to the fashion of it all. Just because your inspiration has this exact color something does not mean you have to. Be creative (:

Sary.Babyface: Your pose was really nice, and I think you did a really nice job working with your inspiration. Just try looking at your scenery as a whole, a better background would have helped a lot!

Winter4543:Your pose was pretty good (watch the arm pits) and overall your scenery was good, but not great. Your just lacking that extra something that a model needs.

Brumilicious: First of all I just want to thank you finishing this on time, I know it was the holidays,and family things come first. However I had a difficult time judging this as there were many glitches. What I could see looked nice (especially the background). But I felt the pose was a little on the safe side.

.naima: You had a nice scenery, but I felt it strayed a little from the task. Backgrounds are nice, but don't get carried away. 

Pauo-Watson:  You had a lovely pose, and your medoll was fierce, but the outfit? Fashion is a big part of being a model. The background was also quite plain. 


JosieMae8445: I really did not get Kate Moss from your scenery, and I feel that you strayed really far from the inspiration. Your pose and outfit are really different from hers, and it just did not work for me. 

Starsyd33: You had some similar problems as JosieMae. Your medoll just did not have the same feirceness as Tyra. I know you were confused about the changing your features issues, but the dress was also really out of  the blue. Your background was also quite plain. 

Prima.Princess:  no entry.

No entry is unacceptable! Prima. Princess was given plenty of warning, and therefore is eliminated. Timing is crucial to a model, and if you can't stick to a schedule you're not going to get hired.  

I was debating having smeone fill in for Prima.Princess, and also have someone else eliminated, but I decided against that. So congratulations to our top 11, you are all one step closer to being Miss Top Model! And the next task? It will be announced tomorrow.


  1. Congrats and good luck to the top 11! Thats too bad about Prima.Princess, it was her responsibility. No one elses.

  2. sry for letting you down. I really wanted to get through. i am disappointed. :( anyways, congrats to the ones going ahead. ^^ I will try my luck next time & sure enough will give my best to impress you. good luck models! :D

  3. Oh thank you a lot!!
    I was extremely busy with the holidays and my birthday party and i was reallly annoyed when i've lot the preenscreen...:D

    Next time i'll really try to make it great!:)