Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is Miss Top Model?

Miss Top Modeling is a stardoll modeling competition. It is broken up into 2 parts: MTM and MTM jr.

MTM is a next top model competition that will have 12 contestants per season. They will compete in a series of scenery challenges, with one elimination a week. The winner will receive 375 stardollars, 6 weeks super star membership, a modeling feature in perfection, a feature in editorialized, and a judging position for the next season. The current judges are liajm, mini_casie, and missricopenguin. 

MTM jr. is a variety competition that will include tasks from dress-up to make-up. There will be 4 tasks total, 1 a week. Anyone can participate in MTM jr. and there will be one winner a month. The winner will be decided through a point system. The winner will receive 25 stardollars, and a judging position for the next month. The judges are liajm, msjessylove and bluebuffy.    

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